Dental Chair Parts

Are you looking to buy Dental Chair Parts that are qualitative in nature? Then this online source is the ideal place for you. A Dental Chair is one of the most important items in a dentist's office. It is the chair that makes it possible for a dentist to perform effective treatment and is designed to make patients feel comfortable. But what makes the chair perform effective and desirable function is its spare parts and components. Dental Chair Parts are small but essential components that are designed to maintain proper working of the chair. These parts are compactly developed and designed for easy installation, simple or no maintenance and smooth operation. From on/off button, hanger valve to utility tray and various others, these are designed as interchangeable parts to effectively and efficiently replace the identical part or failed unit of dental chair.

You can order Dental Chair Parts Online here and we assure timely & safe delivery of every item.

Air Electric Switch

 Air Electric Switch.....

Water Regulator


Air On-Off Switch

Air On-Off Switch.....

Dirt Collection Set

Dirt Collection Set.....

Glass Spitt on Tray

Glass Spitt on Tray.....

GX-02 Change Over Switch

GX-02 Change Over Switch.....

GX-06 Hanger Valve

GX-06 Hanger Valve.....

GX-67 Utility Tray

GX-67 Utility Tray.....

Water Retactive

Water Retactive.....

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