Dental Equipments

Dental Equipments are used by dentists to provide dental treatments to patients. These include tools that are used for the examination, manipulation, treatment, restorement and removal of teeth and surrounding oral structures. They can also be used for the manipulation of tissues. As a Dental Equipments Seller, we provide a range of Micro Motor, Autotoclave, Teeth Whitening LED Lamp, Amalgamator, and many others. The range of dental equipment available online is cost effective, avant-garde and assured to deliver precision performance. Discerning dental health experts always use superior equipment for their lab so that they can vitalize their health practice. So, we offer a large and innovative range of dental laboratory equipment. You can buy or shop from the products showcased below. We assure safe packaging and timely delivery of all the ordered products.

Product SpecificationAutocalve Pressure Cooker Type in Aluminium Bodysterilization in one TouchDeact.....

Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp

Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp.....

Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp

Dental Teeth Whitening LED Lamp.....

Galaxy Amalgamator

 Product Description Galaxy Dental's Amalgamator makes mixing amalgam capsules simple and .....

Galaxy Apex Locator

Apex Locator.....

Glass Bid Sterilizer

Glass Bid Sterilizer.....

GX-2305 Integral Dental Unit

GX-2305 Integral Dental Unit.....

UV Chamber

Product DescriptionUltra Violet Cabinet provides a safe and convenient means of sanitizing all small.....

Woodpex III

Woodpecker Woodpex III Apex LocatorEquipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different color i.....

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