Dental X-Ray Machine

Our Dental X-Ray Unit is by dentists on day-to-day basis and is an important diagnostic tool. It put the power of precision in your hands. It is highly effective and helps in detecting valuable information about maxillary sinuses, tooth positioning and other bone abnormalities. This Digital Dental X-Ray Machine does not leave any radiation in a person's body and does not have any side effects. It provides high quality images at very low radiation dose that is useful in sensitive cases like post surgery images, pediatric exposure and implants. Dental X-Ray Machine online access is easy and it is helpful in giving a comfortable position to the patient and minimizes movements. Newly designed touch-panel user interface that is easy to operate. It has been highly tested for providing maximum safety and protection. Carefully designed features and specifically optimized imaging parameters with advanced technology has made our Digital Dental X-Ray Machine most suitable for all types of dental imaging needs.

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