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Technical Specifications

Light source: Blue light
Wave length: 430nm-485nm
Output intensity: 900mw/cm2
Power supply: rechargeable Lithium battery 3.7V/2200mAh
Input adapter: 100V to 240V~50Hz/60Hz (Available for global users.)
Safety kind: Ordinary type B, non-continuous service lp40, Class 2.
Working condition: Environment temperature: 5c-40c: relative humidity<80%
The fiber rod can be autoclaved up to the tempreture134 °C / 273 °F & pressure 0.2Mpa
Digital LED screen display, clear operation.
Four sets of working time: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s.Three working modes: All light; Gradually; Flashing.

GP Cutter


Press rapid heating,Rapid cooling,easy to use
2400mAh capacity nickel cadmium rechargeable battery
Can be used repeated

Press rapid heating,release the button a few seconds for cooling,easy to use.
Using wireless charging technology,stylish,fashionable.
2400mAh large capacity nickel cadmium rechargeable battery, avoid frequently charging trouble.
Fever needle can be sterilized,it can be repeatedly used.
Battery: 1.2v 2400mAh
Power: 2.5w
Charger input voltage 110~240V, 50~60Hz

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