Portable Dental Unit

Our Portable Dental Units help in delivering uncompromisable mobile dentistry in conditions that have to be performed outside a conventional dental office. Control box and chairs are some of the products that are available under these units. All these products work great and are the result of years of research, design, and field testing. The collection of Dental Portable Unit showcased online are applicable in Concierge Dentistry, Hospitals, House Calls, Military, Nursing Homes, Public Health, Resorts, Rural Communities, Treatment Centers, University Dental Programs, and other areas.

The most crucial decision that concerns buying a movable dental practice is the equipment to use. Our mobile dentistry units provide you with all the functions of a traditional office along with the equipments and supplies that are needed for the procedure. These units are modular and durable, can be easily stored, and give an ease of transport, and quick set up.
Dental Portable Unit

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Portable Control Box

Portable Control Box.....

Portable Dental Chair

Portable Dental Chair.....

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